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Travel Israel—past and present—learning about its people and its God with Harvard-trained biblical archaeologist, whimsical storyteller, and sunscreen advocate, Amanda Hope Haley.

Season 2: Digging New Testament Israel

New episodes arriving soon...pending the reopening of my local studio!

    Season 1: Digging Old Testament Israel

    1.  Meet the Red-Haired Archaeologist (12 April 2019)
    2.  The "Golden Calf" (19 April 2019)
    3.  Where in the World Is David? (26 April 2019)
    4.  Touring Solomon’s Temple (3 May 2019)
    5.  Gates that Never Swing (10 May 2019)
    6.  Life along the Wall (17 May 2019)
    7.  Tombs and the Afterlife (24 May 2019)
    *Previous season of Living in Exile with Amanda and A. J. available here