Friday, July 11, 2014

A Hope Team Giveaway!

My David mentioned to me just a couple of days ago that my book, Barren among the Fruitful, will be released by HarperCollins Christian Publishers in less than three months.

THREE MONTHS! That's less than one quarter: less time than independent contractors (such as me) have to pay quarterly taxes; Independence Day is already a memory; Labor Day comes and goes between now and then; kiddos might own their Halloween costumes before my book comes out. THREE MONTHS! Thanksgiving (and Christmas) are just around the corner!

Why am I the only one panicking (and biting my nails)?

Oxygen. David, a constant stream of pneumonia breathing treatments, and two at-home inhalers have been giving me oxygen for awhile now. I will somehow make it through this. But I need more help.

From you.

On my website is a little tab that says "The Hope Team." If you click it, you see that the people who join my Hope Team will "receive special perks." If you join my Hope Team between now and midnight July 14, then you will be entered into a drawing to receive a "Be Hopeful" necklace that has been designed by Southern Tokens. (Those of you who have previously joined my team receive TRIPLE entries into the contest.)

I'm giving away 5 of these necklaces. They have been made exclusively for "Healthy and Hopeful" readers, and you can only get them here.

So please join my team, and save the life of my left-hand ring-finger nail. It needs you--as do I!

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