Hear the Podcast

Want to make your Friday commute pass a little faster? Listen to Living in Exile: a weekly conversation between A. J. Farley and me. We usually discuss Scripture and how God is speaking to the modern Church through it, but sometimes we get way off topic and just have fun.

We hope our podcasts will encourage you to read Scripture on your own, form your own opinions, and maybe challenge A. J. and me from time to time. We know our exegesis isn't always right; we're just doing the best we can to understand what the Spirit has to say to us today.

If you consider yourself "in the world but not of the world" and "in the Church but not of the church," then this podcast is for you!

Season 1's episodes (powered by Feedburner) discussing Ezra and Nehemiah are available here and at livinginexilepodcast.com.